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Jimmy C And The Blues Dragons
by Pete Feenstra, Soundcheck Mag


Stepping into the breach at the very last minute, Jimmy C and his enthusiastic band made the most of their opportunity with a fine blues shake down topped by some searing rock and roll.

Canadian born Jimmy Coletsis (for it is he) spends half of his time in the UK, and half in Japan - where he has recorded a forthcoming live album. In between times, he heads back to his native Canada for the occasional festival where he enjoys a loyal fan base.

Meanwhile at this unexpected headline show at the Torrington, Jimmy charmed, cajoled, and ultimately won over his new found audience with a sparkling show. There's nothing remotely new about Jimmy - save for a handful of impressive self pennned blues rock outings and shuffles. But ultimately it's the man's "joie de vivre" and T Bone Walker style guitar that hits the spot.

In a lively two set show, Jimmy threw in his take on ol' T Bone, added some BB King, threw in the occasional Howlin Wolf and got the whole room dancing with John Fogerty's "Run Through The Jungle". The fact that Jimmy and the boys were able to blaze their way through a brace of Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix numbers , said more about their innovative arrangements and fine playing than any paucity of material.

Jimmy C & The Blues Dragons take you back to somewhere roundabout the late 60's, early 70's in a spirited fashion, as if they've just hit on a treasure chest of blues rock songs.

Given the fine response from the audience, most people in the room were only too happy to undertake the same musical discovery.


Facebook comments

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Re: Jimmy himself

Jeff Hayne - Sad and shocked to hear that Jimmy has left us . Condolences to Jimmy's family and his extended Blues family. I met Jimmy 2 years ago this very week when we were bed neighbors at The Royal Free Hospital. His love for the Blues was so infectious and he gave me a copy of Hula Fire the day I was discharged. I deeply regret that I never got the chance to see him again or watch him perform in person . RIP Jimmy, the heavenly choir has a new front man

Michael Morphites

Rock In Peace Jimmy. Thank you

Sylvia Boyd

So saddened to hear this  ...in high school years he had a glowing, warm energy

William Cardwell

This is very sad news. Jimmy was a friend from Richmond, B.C.. Thank you Jimmy for your kindness and graciousness. You oozed love and peace. Thank you for all the incredible musical events. Rest in Peace dear Jimmy. 

Bessie Malagodi

Our deepest condolences, he was such a lovely guy

Peter Champion


Heide Baumgarten

Sad faces x 3


Gabriela Alexander

Sad faces x 3


Pete Georgas

My picture from the early 80s.


Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 19.07.21.png

Karen Frost

Very sad news, condolences to his family

Katie Bradley

Lots of love and 

best wishes

 to you at this difficult time

Mike Blue

Sending hugs


Beatrix Bernhard

So sorry! What a great man! Still got the Blues, jimmyc..

Stanisław Szkawran

Trudno uwierzyć...

Hard to believe...

Georgia Karabali

God bless you, give you strength and protect your little boy

Georgia Karabali

I have to introduce my self. I'm very very close friend of Stella, mainly, and Despina. I have been many times in Samos. I met Chrysoula, Maria, Jimmy and their parents, many years ago. I'm so sad about your loss.

Kat Pearson

Aga Maria S was an honour for Live Talking Blues to host the Jimmy C Tribute show on our channel. Myself and Patsy Highgate Patrizia Castagna wish you and your family all the best in health and happiness in keeping the memory of Jimmy C present. 


Emily Hannah

He gave us so many happy hours of dancing and singing over the years, his warmth as a musician matched only by that of him as a human being. We will really really miss him.


Charlie Harty

Sorry to hear this news Paul , Rest in peace Jimmy


Lee Simkin

At least they put it up most of us get nothing I say go Jimmy play with the angles

Mike Blue

Still in shock. A huge loss to the blues community

Roy Gschwinder

Paul Soper really sorry for the lost of a good friend friend and brother

Liz Jackson

Rip with the Angels Jimmy it's everyone o f us road to walk on some have to go before Blessings you're dearly missed 

Re: concert on August 9th

Jacqueline Osley

I was there and I loved it


Keef Sparrow

I was at that gig last August - Jimmy made it a memorable show. I used to go to see loads of bands - sometimes several gigs in a week and the very last band I saw before lockdown was the Bluesdragons in Southgate, and the first band band I saw after lockdown was also the Bluesdragons. I am very sad to know I will never be able to see Jimmy and the band again. I only saw them a few times but they made a big impression and I was looking forward to seeing them again.


Alison Payne

So sorry. He kept music live and joyful during lockdown at St Mary's Tower.


Jacqueline Osley

Shocking news. He gave us all so much pleasure between the lockdowns at the concerts in St Mary's Tower Gardens. To have sung with such gusto when he was already ill was so brave and breaks my heart


Jim Stoughton

I'm completely gutted. Jimmy and I knew each other since we were 5 years old and I remember when he picked up his first guitar

He was always a performer


Re: Jimmy and the band

Lauren Rachel MissJones

I became a fan Jimmy & The Blues Dragon's after stumbling in to Aint Nothing after a gig and ended up on stage with you guys. An amazing sincere talented band & Jimmy just had everything. Cancer is the absolute worst. I lost my mum to it last year and it's horrendous but what keeps me going through life is memories & Jimmy lived his life and was able to love what he did, and did it so well. All my love and thoughts to all of his closest xxxx

Mark Bunker

Lived in London for two years (on work assignment from a US company) and was always on the lookout for a great band. I found it in JimmyC’s band. Always a great jam and upbeat vib. RIP JimmyC. Condolences to his family and bandmates.

John Lewis

Shocked to hear such sad news. Saw Jimmy play in Broadstairs and he always looked so happy on or off stage. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Jimmy

Karen Reynolds

He was the Life n soul of his gigs. Made everyone smile. He always called me up to play tambourine. Lovely, lovely man. Rest in Peace Jimmy.

Jill Gordon

Very sad news, he will be missed greatly. His wonderful energy on stage was certainly felt by everyone. Condolences to Jimmys family and the Dragons 

Denise Pommier

Deepest condolences goes to the Coletsis family. Jimmy may your soul rest in peace

Zagor Rossi

That's awful. My condolences to all his family and friends.

Mhic MacGlashan

I only played with Jimmy and the band once but it remains a fond memory of an excellent musical experience. He and the other guys were very supportive of my efforts.

Max Bruno

Heartbreaking. I met Jimmy at a bar at the Angel, his band used to play there every weekend. He was great, a nice guy always smiling. May God rest his Soul...

John Farrington

So saddened to hear. Such a friendly, warm person and talented entertaining musician. Condolences to his family.

Char Eve

Jimmy played at my son James wedding reception. I spent many hours with him. He loved a little Tequila. Great guy, great musician. I'm truly upset at his passing. Always remembered. Dear Jimmy RIP. Big Mick.

Ruth Mignano

How sad. Such a joy to watch - condolences to Jimmy's family and friends.

Gustavo Gomez

Very sorry hear this. RIP Jimmy. My sincere condolences to Aga and the children. Lots of love to you and thanks for your friendship and influence.

Tore Halsvik

Oh no!  So Sad to read that. Jimmy was always smiling and very nice. Very good at the guitar as well. Rip - fan from Norway

Frances Moule

Very sad news indeed. Love to hid family, band mates and friends x

David Stott

Shocked Rip Jimmy lovely man great musician always had a smile had the privilege of seeing you play a couple of times in Bromley and tonbridge x

Dave Bennett

I had the great pleasure of playing with Jimmy several times at the Archway Jam in Holloway some years back. He was a wonderful person and always made playing with him something to remember. He was a wonderful guy. This is very sad news.

Lynn Shaw

So sorry to hear this ,use to stay with us when he gigged in Broadstairs , many a good night down the Nep listening to Jimmy C . RIP Jimmy x

Dee Rampling Lee

Such sad news. Lovely friendly chap and a good entertainer. Last saw him in Broadstairs 2020. Love to his family and friends.

Carol Kelly

Thats the saddest, most shocking news l heard in a while such a lovely, accomplished, entertaining and friendly man. Truly upset and moved. Broadstairs music scene won't be the same without him. Love to all his family. So so sad

Jonathan Berry

So sorry to hear this. Jimmy was a lovely guy who brought a ray of sunshine onto the stage every time he performed. My heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family.

Grant Allen

RIP Jimmy C, he gave us the best memories at The Kings Head. Always smiling and incredibly talented but so humble at the same time.

Gill Lea-Wilson

So sorry to hear this. A special man, always a ray of sunshine. Condolences to his family and to the band. RIP Jimmy x

Simone Schuh

Such sad news. Thank you Jimmy for the fantastic shows in Aalen. We will miss you.

Col Hewison

Such an enigmatic performer a great loss to his fellow players and audiences alike.

Jill Connell

So sad he always had such a lovely happy smile on his face love to his family and band members Xxx

Wendy Tobitt

Very sad to hear this news. The band played for us a few years ago and gave us a night to remember. Thank you Jimmy

Richard Moorhead

I'm so sorry to hear such awful news. Always a blast to hear and watch the band. RIP Jimmy. You will be sorely missed.

Nicola Ghirardi

Such a sad news... saw him and his band so many times at Ain't nothing but... London will never be the same without him.

Keef Sparrow

So sad to hear this. Jimmy and the Blues Dragons were the last band I saw before lockdown and the first after. He brightened up any room he played in with that smile and his wonderful guitar playing. He will be missed by so many.

Erika Weber

Loved Jimmy and what he brought to music. What a guy, will greatly be missed

Lauren Rachel MissJones

Oh no this is awful, my heart goes out to Jimmy’s friends, family, band mates.

Tine Kluth

Jimmy was the first step into my new life after an abusive relationship moving over to Finsbury park into Regan's wonderful house and on moving-in-day we went to the "World's End" where Jimmy was playing and I saved his beer from my drunken flatmate. From there a long friendship evolved, with many gigs and meeting new friends like Stevie, Paul, Antonio, Vera, Mickey...Jimmy opened a whole new live for me. Dancing on his gigs was always fun and he was always so entertaining, positive , cheerful...most I think right now about Aga, how hard it is for her to lose that ray of sunshine, I hope she copes..It is a very sad day and I am shocked. He gave all of us so much.

Bottich Aalen

R.I.P what a great musician

Dave Piggott

Terrible news - so sad to hear this

Keith Allen

What terrible news. I don't remember ever seeing Jimmy without a smile on his face. Jimmy may have left us, but I'd like to think he's having a Crossroads Boogie somewhere.

Steevan Glover

Such sad news - a brilliant performer

Nick Garner

So sad - he was a gentleman I'm everyday. X


Jim Taylor

Aww man, so sorry to hear about Jimmy's passing. During the few years i knew him, he always brightened my day, put a spring in my step and made me realise nothing is as bad as it may seem. And one more thing, it's perfectly acceptable to hang an SM58 over the top of a blues junior! Tequila

David Mason

He was a very nice guy! Alway polite and always had time to speak to people! I only knew him through his gigs at the Coach & Horses and the Leytonstone blue jam! RIP, Jimmy will be missed!


Keith Allen

Amazing picture of an amazing musician and performer. RIP Jimmy. It greatly saddens me to think that I will never see your smiling face on stage again.

Hugh Leighton

So sorry to hear that. He was good enough to let me sing with him at a corporate do a few years back. We really nailed some Hendrix, much to the surprise of my colleagues, many of who did not know I had a musical side to me. What a gent…

Keith Allen

Brilliant and inspiring video. Jimmy overcoming adversity by Rocking, Rolling and having, A Whole Lotta Fun.

Col Hewison

Pretty much sums it up, thanks for the entertainment, cheers Jimmy.


Sue Revell

So sad about Jimmy’s passing...he really was very special and we had some brilliant blues nights with him...hope you are ok 


Max Bruno

I met Jimmy at the Angel a long time ago when he used to play in a pub down there, he was an amazing musician, everybody loved Jimmy. Great loss but I'm sure he'll make people happy in heaven...!!

Agnieszka Nowak-Górska

I met Jimmy at his weddind party. He had seem very happy

Lesley Kaye

We are so sorry to hear the sad news. We knew Jimmy from the sailing and windsurfing club and he was always cheerful and full of life. We send our blessings Lesley and Martyn Davies

Anne Whyte

Manys a stage shared with Jimmy over the years and the Blues Dragpns...a long while even pre COVID that we"d seen him...RIP Jimmy


Steve Delaney

Great Pic of my dear friend Jimmy

Marie-Jo Grosjean

So seldom to see a picture, where Jimmy is without his guitar. It's a great lost for all blues friends especially those who knew Jimmy. RIP

Darrell Pughe

My condolences to you George and your family I am shocked to see this RIP Jimmy

Tom Rushton

Georgie... I am so sad to hear this ! Your vibrant, energetic, creative, young brother was a blessing to the world. Again this cancer thing leaves another little hole in my heart !

Giorgos Koliovetas

Good buy my friend I remember you

Steve Ashton

Several moon's ago... The Fountain... West Green Road... 

Kevin Appleton

In memory of Jimmy C, He was gracious enough to play at my birthday party, what a great night, Jimmy was always generous with his music and his time to socialize, he was one of the hi lights of the Broadstairs Blues Bash for us , he always gave us a great gig, and we shall miss that raised finger and " Just one more song" and his ever present smile. Our heart felt condolences to his family.

Peter Else

Aga Maria S i will never forget ,Jimmy ,he stood out as a musician ,who wasn't on a massive ego trip , like others , he was so friendly , i still remember the 1st time i saw The Bluesdragons , and noticing that huge smile ,as he played brilliant songs .Jimmy came up by us at the bar ,and we complimented him ,he was pretty humble , It was the Wrotham Arms ,Broadstairs on a rocking friday night

From Germany and abroad

FLEX Flechsler

30 May at 22:05  · 

R.I.P. My dear Friend & Blues Bro

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 19.26.50.png

Uli Phlaegs Flechsler

R.I.P Jimmy

Tine Kluth

Ich bin grade heute an seinem Haus vorbeigelaufen...und dann spaeter der Schock...Jimmy war a sunray und wird ein grosses Loch hinterlassen...

I just walked past his house today... and then later the shock... Jimmy was a sunray and will leave a big hole...

Benjamin Landes

Rip my Friend jimmy C

Svend Renkenberger

WTF! Bin sprachlos !!


RIP Jimmy

WTF! Am speechless!!


RIP Jimmy

Petra Müller



Ti Mes

RIP Jimmy

Carlo Nachtmann

Oh nein! Das ist sehr traurig

Oh no! Oh no! This is very sad 

Katharina Reimann


Shu Shu



Werner Bihlmaier

Oh nein 

RIP Jimmy

Oh no

Walter Belge

Jimmy C? Ich fass es nicht!

Jimmy C? I can't believe it!

Eva Maria Lützenburg

Sad face emoji


Michael Diebold

Nein!!!!! Sad news, kann’s nicht glauben. RIP Jimmy C

No!!!!! Sad news, can't believe it. RIP Jimmy C


Heide Baumgarten

3 sad face emojis


Oli Sturm

So sad, we’ll never forget him


Bernd Adrian

RIP Jimmy C


Heidi Marie Holz

Oh Flex, das tut mir leid.

Oh Flex I'm sorry about that.


Constanze Weigle

Oh wie traurig ...Nie mehr grooven mit Jimmy C...so viel lebendige Lebensfreude hat er uns gegeben...r.i.p.

Oh how sad ... Never grooving with Jimmy C anymore... he gave us so much joy in life... r.i.p.



Pascal Legent

Oh Sheet nous avions eu le plaisir de le programmer à plusieurs reprise la grande époque de la CODALIE Rip Jimmy he was an amazing guy and great musician. We will remenber you 


Patricia Verhoye

Je confirme grand monsieur


Pietro De Paoli

Can't believe it!! One of the greatest musicians ever seen! His unforgettable smile during his gigs made me always happy and forget the bad things!!

R.I.P. great man!


Couré Marie José

Chère Aga Maria, je vous adresse, ainsi qu’à toute votre famille, mes sincères condoléances.

J’ai assisté à un concert à Londres de Jimmy et les Blues Dragons. Ils ont été formidables, spécialement Jimmy, qui ai venu discuter durant l’intervalle.

C’est une personne humble, généreuse et d’une gentillesse extrême. J’emploie le présent pour parler de lui, car il restera toujours présent dans mon souvenir. Bon courage x x 

Couré Marie José

Dear Aga Maria, I extend my sincere condolences to you and your whole family.

Attended a concert in London Jimmy and the Blues Dragons. They were great, especially Jimmy, who came to chat during the intervals.

He is a humble, generous and extreme kindness person. I use the present to talk about him, because he will always remain in my memory. Good luck x x


Anastasio Paolo

We love you  Jimmy we will not forget you. Τάσος from Samos....


Markus Müller

R.I.P. Jimmy es ist viel zu früh. Du warst ein Lichtblick an den Reichsstädter Tagen in Aalen, Du und The Blues Dragons.

Have a sunshine by the other side

Markus Müller

R.I.P. Jimmy it's way to early. You were a bright spot on the Reichsstadt days in Aalen, you and The Blues Dragons.

Have a sunshine by the other side


From Pete Feenstra:



A few words to remember the late Anglo-Canadian bluesman JIMMY C. 

As with many of the people who have always seemingly been in your life, I can’t quite remember when I first bumped into Jimmy on the London gig circuit. 

Archive interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep9D0S115yA 

Review: http://www.bluesdragons.com/id2.html 

This year would have been THE BLUES DRAGONS 20th anniversary, so I’m guessing it must have been at the beginning of the millennium. 

Either way, it was a combination of his ready smile, his optimistic outlook on things and the way he’d plug in and play with a ‘can do’ spirit that made a big impression on me. 

Above all, he was a truly humble guy. In a business where egos frequently run out of control, Jimmy was just happy to pursue his craft in methodical, understated way, but always with the emphasis on having fun. 

Typical of the man, I’d ask how things were going and he’d reply ‘we’re getting there’ and leave it at that. Only later did I discover he'd been touring places like Russia, Canada, Greece and Japan to play his fun filled blues. 

And fun and feel were the keys for Jimmy. He played the blues the way he felt them, in a joyous uninhibited manner that confirmed his view that blues can be celebratory and good time music, as much as it can touch deeper emotions. 

And deep emotion is what I feel for a guy who really did make my life a whole lot richer for having known him! Rock on Jimmy C #jimmycoletsis #jimic #bluesdragons #paulsoper #mrA — with Aga Maria S and 

24 others


Tom Brundage .

1 June  · 

I heard the news yesterday and I still can't quite absorb the reality. Jimmyc Coletsis was a long time fixture on the blues scene in London and far beyond. 

He played regularly at Ain't Nothin But and other venues around London, and also toured all over the UK, and all over Europe regularly. He was known and loved by so many;, and anyone who's seen his live performances knows what joyful, rocking, raucous, and very fun events they are.

I sat in with Jimmy C on a number of occasions, mostly at the blues bar but also at other places including the Balham Bowls Club, where he was also a regular performer for a number of years when they had live gigs there.

Last year, just before lockdown (the first lockdown, we had a few of those), Jimmy and I played a duo gig at The Boathouse, a lovely little venue on the banks of the River Roding in Barking. It was a Leap Year gig, and seemed very special for the bonus day we had. They loved our set, and promised to bring us back.

Fortunately, we have the memories. Over time, these will serve as happy reminders of fantastic times. 

For now, we're all consumed with mourning the loss of a great man, and a great friend. My most sincere condolences to his wife Aga Maria and to his entire family.

Rest in peace Jimmy C. We're all indebted for everything you gave to us, and are grateful for all that you shared.

Tom Brundage

Aga Maria S Yes, our gig at The Boathouse was just before the first lockdown. They had already told me they planned on having us back to play again. Everyone loved Jimmy's music that night, just like every night he played, everywhere.

I've added the 14 August date in my calendar and would love to join your tribute, your celebration. I saw Jimmy play on many occasions and, in addition to the duo gig we played, I had the chance to sit in with him and the Bluesdragons a number of times. It will be a real treat and a privilege to have the chance to listen to Jimmy's stuff once more. Count me in.

Thanks so much for letting me know, Aga. Don't you worry, I'll be remembering Jimmy, and you too.

Anto Soel

31 May  · 

I have so many nice memories with Jimmy over the years...our friendship started when he and his amazing band used to play once a week at the live music venue I managed for few years. I was impressed by his talent and professionalism. Always in time and ready to go, with the energy and will to give the public a very good time...one song after the other....One more??? He always said. He never wanted to stop playing.

Then he supported me when I studied sound engineering letting me record him..my first ever studio recording!. And when I came back to play drums again he straight away invited me to play with him and I played with him many gigs. It was always fun...I loved playing with Jimmy!!. We travel together....we did few tours together. We play music and tennis together for many years and I never gonna forget our very deep conversations. He was a philosopher and a very wise man. Always positive and with a big heart. He called me Amigo and I will never forget him. Thank you Amigo for everything. It’s been a honour and a pleasure. We’ll meet again soon and we’ll play music and tennis again soon. 


Nik Gibson

31 May  · 

My condolences to Jimmy's family and friends.

The one thing I liked about Jimmy was that his love of music had no ego attached to it. IT made listening to him play such an enjoyable experience.

RIP my friend.

Marty Muniz

31 May  · 

My deepest and sincere condolences to Family and Friends. Jimmyc Coletsis, a kind soul with a big heart. We have lost and heaven has gained a fantastic Blues Brother. Rest In Peace Jimmy.

Colin Fitzpatrick

Bro, so sorry to hear about you friend Jimmy. Prayers to him and his family. 

Juanita Chapman

He is in Gods Paradise may he R.I.P.

Dmitri Kazantsev

so sad (( we played with him twice

Cindy Burnett

Our condolences to their family. Peace, love and strength.

Debra Byrne Beaver

So sorry hun prayers for his family and friends

Lisa Ruocco

very sad news. Jimmy had time for everyone

Gerry Reisig

He looked like a kind soul, so sorry for you and his families loss.

Gabriela Arriaga

My condolences to friends and especially his family.

Josie Samaniego

So sorry for your loss, my sympathy to his family and friends

Nigel Feist

31 May  · 

Really sorry to hear the news about Jimmyc Coletsis and him losing his battle to cancer. He was a great friend to the Blues Bash and an amazing artist, wonderful to play with and always so musically generous. If ever anyone said blues was too depressing l would point them in the direction of Jimmy C as he ALWAYS had the house a rocking. Such a loss. l will really really miss him. RIP

Joff Watkins

Sad news. Always had a happy face on stage.

Ben Mills

Well put Nigel. He’s going to be sadly missed by so many. X

Katie Bradley

Such sad news, loved Jimmy - I will miss our chats xx

Chris Berry

Lovely man with a smile that'll live forever, sad news....

Bessie Malagodi

so sad, he was such a lovely man.

Graham Burns

Very sad to hear this.

Despoina Kaila

31 May  · 

My cousin!!! Samos, Mykali, Summer 2020!!!

Titia Kontaxis-Rakers

Ωχ Despoina Kaila, τώρα διαβάζω ότι έφυγε ο Jimmy.... πολύ ωραίος άνθρωπος και μουσικός! Συλλυπητήρια στην οικογένεια!

Titia Kontaxis-Rakers

Oh.... now reading Jimmy is gone.... very nice person and musician! Condolences to the family!

Despoina Kaila

Thank you very much! We will always remember his music and huge smile!!

George Kontaxis

Δεν το πιστεύω... Καλό ταξίδι Τζιμάκο. Συλλυπητήρια Μαρία, Χρυσούλα και οικογένεια. We all loved him. RIP Jimmy.

George Kontaxis

I can't believe it... Have a nice trip Jimako. Condolences Maria, Chrisoula and family. We all loved him. RIP Jimmy.

Christos Fakas

Δέσποινα, τα θερμά μου συλλυπητήρια για την απώλεια του Jimmy, δεν μπορώ να το χωνέψω με τίποτα, περιμέναμε πως και πως να βρεθούμε και φέτος το καλοκαίρι με όνειρα και σχέδια μουσικά.....Μεταβίβασε και στις αδελφές του την αγάπη μου αν μπορείς σε παρακαλώ.....

Christos Fakas

Despina, my deepest condolences for Jimmy's loss, I can't stomach it with anything, we couldn't wait to meet again this summer with dreams and plans musically..... Pass on to his sisters my love if you can please ..........

Virginia Stavrou

Δεν θα ξεχάσω το γλυκό και φωτεινό χαμόγελο του!! Καλό ταξίδι Jimmy.. Συλλυπητήρια καλή ανάπαυση να εχει ψυχούλα του

Virginia Stavrou

I won't forget his sweet and bright smile!! Have a nice trip Jimmy.. Condolences may he rest in peace

Irene Linardaki

Δεσποινάκι μου θερμά συλληπητήρια

Irene Linardaki

My lady, deepest condolences

Diamando Sophie

Συλλυπητήρια Δέσποινα στην οικογένεια σας, τον θυμάμαι που τον είδα ένα καλοκαίρι στο number 9 με τον Χρήστο σε όμορφες ροκιές! Κρίμα!

Diamando Sophie

Condolences Despina to your family, I remember seeing him one summer at number 9 with Christos in beautiful rockies! It's a shame!

Rob Montgomery 

31 May  · 



Huge Thanks to Jessica A. Gihon for this Awesome Photo of Jimmy and I getting down and having fun, always ready to “Raise the Roof” Jimmy grabs a glass of a Music Lover and pulls-out a wicked Slide Solo. We’re really gonna miss him, and as I know what Jimmy would say…. Let’s remember the Good Times, and feel Blessed we got to play Music with Good Friends! RIP Jimmy, gone but never forgotten!

Rick Durham

Classic photo!

Heather Black

RIP Jimmy!

Steven Ades

That is an awesome photo to treasure

Donna Hazelwood

Excellent pic!

Holly Cliffe

I did not know you knew him. What a beautiful image to honour him with. Love it.

Jessica A. Gihon 

31 May  · 

After forty odd years of friendship, music and many laughs (I am hearing his laugh as I write this) I lost a good friend today. 

Jimmy was a mainstay in the Vancouver Music scene before moving to London and forming Jimmy C and The Blues Dragons. 

Jimmy was the only person I knew when I first moved to the UK so he thought he would introduce me to Drew & Brenda, two of the craziest people I know who have become very close friends. 

Jimmyc Coletsis for everything!

Love you lots mi amigo and I'll see you on the other side where you can introduce me to more crazy people! Here is the last photo I took of you in remembrance..

Brad Kilburn

31 May  · 


A Henry Pietraszek original of Jimmyc

Great form for a grade 10 student

Nice work Hank

Boris Litvintsev

30 May  · 

Heartbroken and devastated....

So sad day today... - My old friend since 2005, beautiful soul and great musician Jimmy C aka Jimmyc Coletsis have left us today and now is playing his blues in heaven...

Jimmy C is and always will be holding a record of number of Russian tours (9!) and number of Russian cities where he have played his sunshine optimistic blues.

And he'll always will keep a place in my heart as dear friend and pioneer British Blues Invader, real Trail Blazer!..

I knew it from the very beginning that Jimmy been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - Jimmy wrote me over two years ago about it, right after it was discovered - but like everyone who ever met Jimmy C, I can't believe he'll ever give up, and looking at him - so optimistic, so positive and generating light, love and happiness - I was sure he'll beat fucking cancer and win - he's got so much to fight and stay alive for!..

We all lost one of the nicest, kindest, funniest and happiest blokes we could ever meet... But I've lost a friend today...

Marina and my heartbroken self sending our deepest condolences to his family and to all the folks who knew and loved Jimmy!...

May he rock in peace forever!

Miss you my friend!..

Boris Litvintsev

I'm shocked and heartbroken...

Jimmy's passing will leave a massive hole in my heart...

Niall Kelly

A sad day. I’ll miss his beautiful smile and great music. Was a pleasure to know and work with him.

Owen Houlston

A lovely tribute Boris to a truly lovely bloke. Such a sad day-he’ll be missed.

Овчинников Денис

Very sad news… R.I.P., Sunshine Man…

Alex Huss-Oates

Sorry to hear that Boris, he was such a lovely guy

Jack Hutchinson

So sad to hear the news. Jimmy was a lovely guy who always had a smile on his face. He will be massively missed by a lot of people.

Jenni Williams

Truly shocked - such a lovely man

Андрей Тихомиров

So sad... R.I.P.

Richard Townend

That is a terrible shock, I am so saddened to hear that Boris.

Nik Gibson

Such tragic news... I am shocked and saddened by this.

Mitch Harp Hog Greaves

I was lucky enough to jam with him, a couple of new year's eve back at ANB. A friendlier, more welcoming musician you could never wish to meet. A sad loss

Sergei Sergeev

His smile remains forever, RIP Jimmy!

Rosco Levee

Great guy. Jammed with him many times!

Margaret Rowse

Boris,how sad, I met him a few times when we did his visa, he was such a nice person, so polite to us all. So sorry for his family and friends.xx

Jamie Williams

I used to see Jimmy 20 years ago or so at the bassment blues jam ,Richard pavitt used to bring him down . Then saw him again a couple of years ago at broadstairs with his brilliant band. Lovely guy and great musician xx

Igor Marchenko

Such a sad news... I grieve with you about this sunny guy

Roy Loshak

Unbelievable! So sad news…

R.I.P., Jimmy.

Николай Козлов

Вечная память! Невозможно поверить! Светлейший человек! Всегда будем помнить!

Николай Козлов

Eternal memory! Can't believe it! The brightest man! We will always remember!

роман мельников

Боряяяя как же так , Очень Жаль, помню его приезд с тобой на Дельта Невы в Юсуповском и не только ....

роман мельников

Boring how so, I am very sorry, I remember his visit to the Neva Delta in Yusupovsky and more....

Boris Litvintsev

роман мельников Jimmy был первым, кого я привёз в Россию. Он настоящий первопроходец и пионер Британского блюзового вторжения.

Я мой самый давний и самый близкий друг на британской блюзовой сцене...

Огромная личная потеря для меня...

Boris Litvintsev

роман melʹnikov Jimmy was the first person I brought to Russia. He is a true pioneer and pioneer of the British blues invasion.

I'm my oldest and closest friend on the British blues scene...

A huge personal loss for me...

Arkadiy Abramov

Жаль, очень очень. Благодаря тебе, играли с ним несколько раз, помню улыбка не сходила с его лица. Даже не верится... Искренне соболезную.

Arkadiy Abramov

It's a pity, very very very. Thanks to you, played with him several times, I remember the smile didn't come from his face. I can't believe it... Sincerely sorry.

Ramil Magasumov

Светлая память и Царствие небесное, Jimmy...

Egor Gorkin

Большая утрата(((

Egor Gorkin

A great loss (((

Colin Hartridge

30 May  · 



I read the news today, oh boy...

Disappointing to hear that Jimmyc Coletsis is no longer with us, having succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the young age (to me, anyway) of only 61. I remember jamming with him at the old Yale in downtown Vancouver, where I was briefly a member of the Blues Dragons, and had some good times with him in London in 1999. Interestingly, at the time he lived in an English town called Bishops Stortford, which of course has some family connection -- it is where Auntie Ida lived. (My dad's aunt)

Here's are the only photos I could find of the two of us together, taken at the Yale -- not sure of the year, but I would imagine it was in the early 90s. If you can identify the other musicians shown here let me know!

Jim Bermingham

Went to Cap College with him in 80 and then ran into him in London at Not Just Another Blues Bar with a house gig there no less! it was in 2006 when I played with Cal Batchelor , RIP to Both

Simon Hardman

Such sad news.

I met him a long long time ago.

So sorry to hear this news Colin.

Way too young to be checking out.


Angie Faith

30 May  · 

Jimmyc Coletsis 

You are a legend, we love you.. & we will see you on the other side. 

All of my love to those of you who feel this loss. Jimmy was a wonderful man, friend, musician and contribution to our lives. Rest In Peace dearest Jimmy. I’ll miss you

Darren L Robinson

Sorry to hear this

Kandy Menzies

I always had a crush on him as a young girl. My heart breaks for his family

Diane Cardwell

Another beautiful soul to play his music with the other legends in heaven. RIP Jimmy C

John Kaethner

My heartfelt condolences to his family and those who feel his loss. He was a great guy and a fun and entertaining companion and a good friend. I miss him.


Michele Britton is at Round Midnight.

30 May  · London  · 


Jimmyc Coletsis & the blues dragons what can I say, you were a beautiful person, I'm so saddened to hear your gone from this world, but I'm so happy your not suffering, the world energy has changed and your light lives on in the next form. I will miss you buddy, safe travels and rest in peace x

Vix En Caruana

Noooooo!! Jimmy C! 

Michele Britton

Vix En Caruana I know Hun 

Nik Gibson

Jimmy was the first act I ever saw perform at the Round Midnight.

He'll be sorely missed.


Steve Taylor

30 May  · 

I'm stunned and saddened by the loss of Jimmyc Coletsis. I'm actually lost for words, for once. His influence on me as an audience or band member was unfailingly positive.

Let us keep his spirit alive, if we possibly can.

Tim Aves

So very very sad.

Bonnie Taylor

Terribly sad news. Such a lovely, warm and talented guy. We'll all miss him. Thinking of his family at this saddest of times. R.I.P. Jimmy

Terry Duggan

Lost for words, devastated.

Mike Blue

A great human a real musicians musician

Ed Furst

Only played with him once, as a rather superfluous guest guitarist, but I remember I just felt I belonged anyway.

Bonnie Taylor

Ed Furst Yeah, Jimmy was a wonderful encourager. He always invited me up to sing when he saw me in an audience, and always with that beaming smile... made me feel my contribution was worth something to him, at least.

Georges Majerus

My condolences

Pete Feldon

Sad news

Dave Piggott

Terrible news - so sad to hear this


Tine Kluth is with Sean Reagan.

30 May  · 

I just learned that our friend Jimmy died. He was such a wonderful person, always smiling and so happy and entertaining with his music. He will leave a big hole. Cancer is not fair. Again. It has taken too many wonderful friends already. Continue the great gig in the sky, Jimmyc Coletsis! We will miss you!! It's always the best ones that go! 

Debs Shine

I'm so sorry for your loss, and sending actual real "thoughts and prayers" to his friends and family.


Howard Greenstein

30 May  ·


Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Jimmyc Coletsis. A wonderful guy and committed bluesman who I always saw as smiling, happy and friendly. I just found out that he passed away from pancreatic cancer. This photo, taken by Maria Coletsis, was from a gig that Jimmy hired me on at the FanClub. It was a blast and I will always consider myself a Bluesdragon of “Jimmy C and the Bluesdragons”. Jimmy followed his dream as a professional musician in England and I was happy to get to play with him several times when he visited BC. The Bluesdragons gig pictured below was a blast. So sorry for the loss of this great bluesman.

Eric Andrew Franklin Thorsteinson

Howard!.... Thanks for sharing ..... Sadly I never knew Jimmy ( nor did I get a chance to meet or be introduced to him ) .... I did see him play at the Pumphouse many times with Johnny and the guys ...... He was a very good guitar player. The first time I saw him, he was playing a red Gibson 335 .... he struck me as shy, but a regular guy ..... I'm sorry for this terrible loss..... Sending prayers for all his musical colleagues, friends, family and loved ones......



From Paul’s announcement


Peter Schlipf

this is staggering news!!:-(

Tim Aves

Terrible, tragic news. How very sad.


Michelle Sandison

So sorry to hear this


Waschbrett Bauch (Flex)

So sad Paul so sad…


Helen Probert

Oh Paul, I’m so, so sorry. I can’t believe it. Such an incredibly special unique bundle of spirit and joy and wonderfulness. Sending lots of love to you all and to Jimmy’s family. Such a massive loss.


Alan Shadbolt

Paul Soper, I,m stunned, I've just texted Stevie for confirmation, he'll be missed by so many on the music scene. my prayers go out to his family.


Michael Sawin

Can’t believe it. I never saw him without a smile on his face. Regards to his family


Chris Lafbury

Awful news. I didn't know him well but he seemed like a really nice bloke and an excellent musician. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


Jim Taylor

Sending love. RIP Jimmy


Sam Kelly

Just read Paul's news about Jimmy C. Such a shock. R. I. P Jimmy.


Wayne Mills

I'm still in shock I can't believe it. He will be missed terribly 


Ben Shadbolt

That’s so sad. I owe a lot to Jimmy regarding music. He will truly missed and was a one of a kind. Love to his family.


Clive Nash

Such sad news, my deepest sympathy and condolences to his family R.I.P.



Tine Kluth

It was a great shock to hear those sad news today. He was such a wonderful person and will leave behind a big hole. I am so sad, this is just not fair.


Ian Carvell

So sorry to hear that Paul; such a lovely guy and far too young to leave us......


Yolly Ingley

Oh that is sad news...always enjoyed listening to him in The Railway days and Steve sat in with him a few times. A generous and happy guy. As usual dedicated musicians continue playing as long as humanly possible and I did see the vids of him playing very recently.....what a champ.


Mike Blue

What! I’m so so sorry to hear this. A great musician and a wonderful human. I’m so shocked. Sending love and hugs to the family and his many friends


Kate Zaitz

Oh no! Terrible news!

My deepest condolences..


Boris Litvintsev



Jack O'Shea

Very sad news to hear. Rest In Peace Jimmy C


Adamski Adam

Very sorry to hear of death of your great longstanding band member Paul. Thoughts for Jimmy s family and other close friends.


Keef Sparrow

Such sad news. Jimmy brightened up every room he played in with his dazzling smile and guitar playing


Mar Todani

So sorry for your loss…Sincere condolences


Julien D'Imperio

No!!!! What?! Jimmy C!.

How sad... I can't believe it.. Such a nice guy... So sad... I can't believe it..RIP Jimmy..


Keith Geddes

OH...C...my brain went straight to G.... but even so.,,sorry for your loss...the no holds barred showman...as i remember he had illness... still sad..


Bex Marshall

So sorry to hear this .. a great musician and heart of

Gold .. bless him

Gustavo Gomez

A big loss for all of us.


Jake Zaitz

sad news... 


Niall Kelly

Poor Jimmy. A wonderful soul - sorry for your loss Paul.


Lee Simkin

Amy told me last night real shame only met him once but seamed a good bloke you will have to wait a long time to play with him again there is a good band massing up there


Owen Houlston

So sorry to hear that Paul-deepest sympathy, he was an absolute gem of a bloke


Dave Stein

Awfully sad news to hear, R.i.P Jimmy


Chris Mcsweeney

Shocking news Paul. Sorry for your loss


Maurice McElroy

Really sad news Paul.


Andy James

That is so sad. He was a man who really loved playing music and always did it with a smile on his face. May you rest in peace Jimmy.


Kevin Hillier

Can't believe it. Such a wonderful brave man.


Zagor Rossi

Man this is a shock. I'm really going to miss him. Always had time for people. Always had that big smile. My deepest sympathies to his Family and Friends. RIP


Bobbie Hindman

So shocked to read this. When I think of Jimmy C the first thing that comes to mind is that huge smile. I didn’t know him well but he will be greatly missed. So sorry for your loss Paul x


Pete Feenstra

incredibly sad Paul, a real uplifting and unique presence on the London blues-rock scene for many years.....


Mandy Instrell

I’m so sorry to hear that, Paul. Heartfelt condolences for your loss x


Bezdomny Tibber

I'm so sorry to hear that. I didn't know that him well but whenever I did meet him / chat with him he was always fun, kind and very generous. Love to all his friends and family x


David Tims

So sad to hear this news Paul Soper, an incredible guy, musician and a huge loss to the community.


David Mason

Awful news. I didn't know him very well, He was so friendly and nice to speak to, he was a really nice bloke and an excellent musician too boot. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


Johnny Driver

I am so very sorry to learn of Jimmy’s passing.

Rest in Peace Mr.C.


Barry Rosen

How incredibly sad Paul, Please send our condolences to his family,


Barry Jackson

So sorry to hear this news Paul. Very sad indeed. My 

best wishes to you and his family.


Liz Jackson

Rip Jimmy C will miss you and your beautiful singing and your quality of entertainment . My condolences to your family.gone too soon 

Blessings you're with the Angels


Dave Piggott

Terrible news - so sad to hear this


John O'Leary

Totally shocked and sad to hear that he has passed away. He was always a joy to listen and play with. Such a buoyant personality.


Anthony Chong

So sorry to hear that, Paul. Sympathies to the band and his family.


John Kaethner

It is very sad to think we will never see Jimmy again. He was a good friend and a fellow musician. I always enjoyed playing gigs with him. His passing has affected me deeply. I can only imagine how his family are feeling.

Rest in peace my good friend.


Albi Audsley

John Kaethner at least we know if there's an afterlife he'll have the jams sorted for when we get there


Aga Maria S

Albi Audsley Jimmy would definitely laugh with us  i am sure he is already setting up!


Albi Audsley

Aga Maria S already on his third encore x


Gini Hobson


no words will take his place.. or reveal his presence in the world that he left...

But the people that speak about them..love you...



Tobias Stütz

It‘s not real Paul Soper or?


Gustavo Gomez

Jimmy was an awesome friend. Such a great influence in life and music. Can’t believe he is gone. Life is so brutal.


Mik Jacobs

Sorry to hear Paul.


Max Bruno

Great guy. Will always be remembered..


Stew Perry

sorry to hear this - so sad


sorry to hear this,Paul...i know you were close...please, if you are in contact with his family, my condolences. RIP Jimmy, Paul Dufour


Nelson Kummer

Thanks for sharing, You had some amazing times with Jimmy. He was a great frontman and musician. Sorry for your loss.


Ian Carvell

Must have been some good memories for you Paul; all those trips abroad with the band......tbh I still can’t quite believe it and I’m sure neither can you!


Sheila Presley

Will be greatly missed Paul RIP


Stuart Broderick

Sad times


From Obituary Notices and funeral postings


Nik Gibson

Fabulous tribute to a London legend


Jessica A. Gihon

What a wonderful tribute to Jimmy...


Peter Schlipf

nice article, can't believe he's gone -


Zagor Rossi

Very touching. I'm really going to miss Jimmy. Always had time for everyone. Great musician.


Jack O'Shea

A wonderful soul


James Forster

Great article!


Ace Giggs

He was a great favourite at the Broadstairs Blues Bash; as a friend said the other day, "He was one of the main reasons I went.

We got some great videos too.



Heidi Jansen

This is how I will remember him.


Julie Peek

Always happy blues rock. Sure will be missed by myself and many others. Jimmyc was unique and an inspiration. I'm honoured to have known him.


Luke Reilly

Only saw him perform once in 2015 at Blues Kitchen. Superb night and wondferul performer. Great band too! Cycled past him once performing in crouch and recognised him so he stuck with me. Will always remember the night he gave me back in wintry 2015. Sad to see hear of his passing



Nancy Alford

Aloha Aga. Thinking of you all today and cherishing the life of Jimmy.

I watched the service and shed many tears . What a wonderful tribute to your husband Jimmy. He will be deeply missed.


Amy Soper

You forgot nothing Aga it was the most brilliant speech and encapsulated Jimmy so well. I am sorry not to be there in person today but in August we will celebrate life as we should - much love xxxx


Sam Kelly

So glad I was able to be at the service along with so many others.



Josephine Dagley

Hello Aga, I watched it online from Samos. So great to be able to do that. It really was a beautiful and original service.. You did Jimmy proud! Hope to see you one day in Samos or London. Rest in peace dear Jimmy. And again condolences to all the family.


Ute Hadmut Franke

Thank you for being with all of you ! You did everything great.A lot of strength for you in the future.He will always be with you.


Peter Else

I watched the livestream Aga ,you were brilliant ,and showed your love & care ,i know from experience, how difficult it is,getting through the tribute ,and ,Father Sean ( ?) was very compassionate to ,Jimmy is still with you ,and will look after you and your children ,take care x


Wolfgang Meier

Liebe Aga, wir haben die Trauerfeier auf youtube verfolgt. Es war eine sehr bewegende und emotional ergreifende Messe. In Gedanken Sind wir bei Dir. Herzliche Grüße Wolfgang und Monika

Wolfgang Meier

Dear Aga, we followed the funeral service on youtube. It was a very moving and emotionally poignant fair. We are with you in thoughts. Warm greetings Wolfgang and Monika


Claire Jenkinson

It was a beautiful service u showed great strength Aga and it's clear that as much as u mentioned Jimmy accepted his path, you also show that you too have gracefully accepted the journey you shared. Peace be with you 


Kevin Appleton

Dear Aga, i watched the service yesterday, it was very moving, and you showed such great strength and compassion, it certainly choked me up, but best to remember all the good times and that ever present smile , thinking of you all


Vinnie Reck

Really very sad. Well done Aga. Lovely tribute


David Mason

So sad to see this board!


Emily Hannah

He gave us so many happy hours of dancing and singing over the years, his warmth as a musician matched only by that of him as a human being. We will really really miss him.


Dave Clou

Big celebration of life last night in Jimmy’s home town

So much love inspired by him


David Oliver

No no no! This is too sad ! Not my Jimmy c...He was so so special! I managed to link up with him a few years ago and have so.e Beers and he got to know my family and we went to some of his gigs ..he was class...I'm heartbroken !


Anastasia Manousaki

very sad indeed, I was in shock when I found out, such a warm and happy guy!


Patrick Naughton

Such a gentle soul!


Alan Pulham

Sorry to hear this news RIP Jimmy C...

David Oliver

Alan Pulham im so shocked ..he came to mind recently ..we would cross paths now and again in a pub like maynard or Villiers or Church bar Muzzy hill ...he lit up all our lives ...heaven's gain is our loss ...gonna be hard to get over losing him i am proud to have known


Brian Barnard-james

He brought brilliance, rhythm, and amazing good feeling to all, who not only new him personally, but his audiences wherever he and the group played,

Sadly missed ,but allways in our soul.


Cindy Sahota - beautiful tribute. Thank you


Ace Giggs

He was a great favourite at the Broadstairs Blues Bash; as a friend said the other day, "He was one of the main reasons I went.

We got some great videos too.


Heidi Jansen

This is how I will remember him


Ute Hadmut Franke

Wunderschöne Aufnahmen! Da geht einem das Herz auf und gleichzeitig könnte man nur heulen !

Ute Hadmut Franke

Beautiful shots!  Da makes your heart open and at the same time you could just cry! 


Andrew Broomfield

I will definitely be there via the streaming: 4:30am in Victoria Australia! Thank you so much for the information and the opportunity.

My wife and I are both friends of Jimmy. Actually he was with me the moment I first met her 23 years ago!

Lots of love from

Andrew and Shizu


Jessica A. Gihon

5:30 AM in Sechelt but I will be there, I would not miss it for the world...


Ilona Lanc-Stachurska

Aga Maria S you are amazing! Rainy blessings from heaven to you all during this difficult time  It's amazing how you want to honor your husband's memory I wish you beyond natural powers, endless spirit and new ideas. Big hugs 


Mike Blue

Sending hugs


Beatrix Bernhard

So sorry! What a great man! Still got the Blues, jimmyc...


Katie Bradley

Lots of love and 

best wishes

 to you at this difficult time


Steve Mclean

Always a smile on his face no matter how tough it is


Emily Hannah

Oh Aga Maria S this fills me with so much joy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he was a sublime and generous musician who gave us so much. I’m so grateful I was there for this and all the other times. He could turn rain into sunshine and frequently did. Xxxx


Albi Audsley

Aga Maria S I think when the time is right for you and your family all those people that have played with him over the years should get together and do a super jam in his honour play his favourites think it would make him smile x


Phil Pawsey

A charming and friendly but most of all generous musician. Loved playing with Jimmy and he always made it about the song - never playing too much and giving others a spot in the limelight.


Steve Taylor

I was once jamming with Jimmyc Coletsis , and as he's so welcoming to other musicians, someone in the audience thought we were an established band and booked us! After 5 minutes on stage with Jimmy, you're a lifetime band member  Such a sad loss.


From Gambler’s Blues Poem posting


Brad Sakiyama

31 May  · 

So sad today cant even say but this is my Mentor my brother my very dear friend with so many memories and oh how we will miss him broken hearted today so sad to see and hear the news today ole boytill we roll again cuthererip


Jacqueline K Wilkinson

So very sorry for the loss of your friend  my condolences to and his family


Chris Dagg

Sad news indeed bud. Rest In Peace Jimmy


Leah Rushton

Deepest condolences. Too much loss recently of folks who should have enjoyed many more years.


Kari Mul-howard

So sad to hear of this.

Jimmy was always so kind to me. Greeted me with a huge smile no matter how long it had been since we had seen each other.

Days or years, always the same happy & welcoming greeting.

He will be missed by many.

Mark Chubak

So sad. I have many fond memories of us living and playing together back in the early years. Rip Jimmy, my friend . My condolences to the Coletsis family.


Michael Schroeder

Sorry to hear...my condolences to the family and friends


Ross Frehlick

So sorry to hear of Jimmy’s passing Brad. He was such a good guy. Rest In Peace Jimmy


Guy Redmond

Wow can’t believe this sorry to here Brad Rip Jimmy keep that smile you always had


Gary Scullion

So sorry Brad , wow I used to love watching him play a real inspiration. RIP Jimmy


Dave Hart

That's really beautiful....seems like a good human to celebrate my friend.

Dave Hart

Don't be sad, be happy for having known people like this


Rick Klaver

A life taken far too soon. You will be missed Jimmy!!!